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Partnering to Parenting

Choices and Challenges of becoming a Couple to becoming a Parent


My experience in nursing, midwifery and psychotherapy have been invaluable to my professional journey. However, my true inspiration came from being with women and men as they navigated the choices and challenges of committing to becoming a couple to becoming a parent.  Specializing in pregnancy and postpartum and couple challenges, my private practice utilizes a personal, interactive approach to meet the unique needs of each client, including office, home and video sessions, or a combination of them, with individuals and couples. All sessions are virtual/telehealth through my confidential client portal at this time.

Lisa Hanes LMFT, RN, CNM

Partnering to Parenting

Services Include:

  • Commitment, Marriage and Pregnancy Decisions

  • Challenges with Conception and Infertility

  • Guidance through Pregnancy and Birth

  • Transitioning Home and Understanding Your Newborn

  • Adjusting to Your New Role and Relationship

  • Balancing Everyone's Needs and Expectations

  • Treatment for Pregnancy and Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

Contact me for more information or to schedule an appointment.
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